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Кто исполняет: Реактивы&Cosmocats

Трек называется: Children are Targets, Children are Killers

Длительность: 04:43

Добавлено: 2016-01-24

Трек скачали: 141

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Текст трека:

Verse 1
Their bodies are frail and the souls are too helpless
To endure this pain – all around’s so healthless
They are living their lives
Pain is all they’ll inherit
Their lives are too bitter
And that’s all our “merit”

In the cramped world that’s sick
With our weird ideas
What’s waiting for them? –
It is not really clear
As an impact on them of this adult corruption
Children draw in their pictures only death and destruction

Someone’s damned, dirty lust
Children pain, piercing shout
The got-used are grown-ups,
All the others are out
Can you see: our ships right now’re running aground
Our children are aim. Go ahead – look around!

Chorus I

Children are targets
Of adult ambitions
Children are hostages
Of eternal traditions
Of our avidity and the rest evil flaws
Adult games they are playing,
But their death it will cause

Verse 2
And they no longer care:
Someone’s fright, someone’s tears.
They’re hunting you down
One emotion – they sneer.
And the price of your life –
Just the cost of a drug-dose
They’ll tear you to pieces
To get money for fixes
They will choose their victim
For the torturous killing
And that’s all just for fun -
Nothing more they are feeling
They won’t spare your life
They will take their loot
No sense crying for mercy
They’re becoming just brutes

Childhood’s full of dreams,
Hopes and no evil twists
Childhood is the world
That no longer exists
Can you see: our ships
Right now running aground
And a great storm begins
Go ahead! Look around!

Chorus II

Children are killers, we are the targets
Just senseless fury – we are the puppets
Life was cruel, life was so ruthless to them
They are the victims with hope of becoming hangmen!

How can we estimate children’s hopes, their dreams?
What can we leave to them except for those ailing seams?
Can you see our ships right now’re running aground?
We can’t stop ourselves – we are breaking the bounds!

Chorus III
Children are targets – children are killers!
Time’s running out – no longer they hear us
What will you see there, when you look at their eyes?
It was just windy – but terrible storm there will rise!

Реактивы feat. CosmoCats - Children are Targets, Children are Killers